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How Do I Name a Cash Drawer?
How Do I Name a Cash Drawer?
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How do I name a Cash Drawer?


When naming cash drawers, it is a best practice to name them numerically and then assign them to an employee. For example, CashDrawer1 is assigned to "Brian" in the morning. Brian then ends his shift and CashDrawer1 can be reassigned to the evening employee. This eliminates issues when budtenders rotate drawers, and you are filtering all transactions for internal reports.

To name cash drawers navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Cash Handling > and click on Existing Accounts to edit or Add Account to create a Cash Drawer.

Value: Numerically naming cash drawers are easier to track and reduces issues associated with budtenders rotating drawers.

Risks: If you are not using this method, and multiple people are using the same drawer, you will have to export the report and filter by pin number, which is time consuming and can lead to errors during reconciliation. It also makes it much more difficult to find and track mistakes in over/under drawers or investigating possible theft.

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