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SellTreez: Creating a Scannable PIN
SellTreez: Creating a Scannable PIN
Written by Treez Admin
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SellTreez requires you to enter your PIN when logging in to make a sale and when performing certain manager-protected functions (e.g., approving discounts). PINs are most commonly entered by typing them in. However, to save time and keystrokes, SellTreez also allows you to scan your PIN instead of typing it. To obtain your PIN’s barcode, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Navigate to this Free Online Barcode Generator.

Step 2: Enter your Treez PIN into the Your Text field and click Generate Barcode.


Step 3: Click the generated barcode image and save it to your computer.


Step 4: Use your preferred application to scale and print the barcode image.

Step 5: Cut out the barcode. Be sure not to include your PIN number with your cut-out so it's not visible and remains private.

Step 6: You can now attach this barcode to your ID badge or scan sheet and scan it when prompted for your PIN in SellTreez.

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