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SellTreez: Reassigning Inventory to a Different Product
SellTreez: Reassigning Inventory to a Different Product
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When creating an Invoice, you might accidentally assign the wrong product master listing (from Product Management) and accept the invoice. The Reassign function allows you to update the product that’s assigned to the invoice line, and associate the inventory information (cost and quantity) with a different product.

NOTE: If you choose to reassign an invoice line to a new product master listing after sales have already been made, no retroactive changes will be made to reporting. Only future sales of this inventory will reflect the new product assignment.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Purchasing and open the Invoice that contains the inventory you need to reassign.

TIP: If you don’t know which invoice it’s on, find the product in Product Management with the inventory to be reassigned by opening the Product Card, scroll down to the 'Inventory' section, and click on the invoice in question. Alternatively, locate it in Inventory Control and click on the Invoice number. Open the listing, scroll down to the ‘Inventory’ section, and click on the invoice in question.

Step 2: From the invoice, click the vertical 3 dots on the corresponding line and select Reassign Product.


Step 3: Search for the correct product and select it by checking the radio button on the right side of the item line. Then, click Re-assign Product. If the correct product master does not currently exist, create a new product.

The invoice and your inventory will reflect the new product selection. These changes will be saved automatically.


  • This product cannot be reassigned be it contains inventory in reserved and/or packed & ready. Please release those inventory before proceeding with reassign product.

    • If you receive this error, it means that units from this inventory package are currently in a Draft Sale or a Saved Sale. You will need to either complete the sale, abandon the sale or otherwise remove this package from the sale before you will be able to reassign the inventory. Once this is complete, please attempt to reassign the inventory to your desired product.



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