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SellTreez: Why are there duplicate products on my menu?
SellTreez: Why are there duplicate products on my menu?
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This usually occurs when 2+ product listings (with inventory attached) exist for the same product in Product Management.

For example, let’s say you create a product listing when you receive your first shipment of inventory for a particular product. At a later date, a new shipment of inventory for the same product arrives. However, instead of associating it with the existing listing, a new listing is created.

To solve this issue, you’ll locate any duplicate product listings, consolidate the inventory into a single listing (either by reassigning or by selling it), before deactivating or deleting any unnecessary product listings from Product Management.

Having two product cards for one item also means reporting and inventory counts will be split into two, which complicates managing inventory and reports.

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Search for Duplicate Product Cards

Step 1: Navigate to Product > Product Management.

Step 2: In the filter settings, select In Stock from the 1st dropdown and select All from the 2nd dropdown. Then type the product name (or a portion of the product name) into the search bar.


Step 3: The search should find two (or more) results with the same product name. Confirm that the products match by comparing product information (such as the amount, UOM, size, etc.).

Step 4: Decide which product master you’re going to keep and which listing(s) you’re going to retire. While it doesn’t matter which you choose to keep, consider keeping the one with:

  • The most complete information. That way, you won’t need to re-enter anything on the one you keep.

  • The product listing with the most active package associated with it. It’ll be easier to permanently retire the listing with fewer packages associated with it.

Step 5: To hide the duplicate from your menu while you resolve the issue, click on the desired line to open the product details, scroll down to the ‘eCommerce’ section, and toggle on Hide from the Menu.

  • This will hide the item from the menu, without blocking sales at the POS.


Reassign Inventory

Step 6: On the duplicate listing(s), scroll down to the ‘Inventory’ section and click on the invoice number in the first row to open it in the Purchasing module.

Step 7: From the invoice, click the 3 dots next to the product and select Re-assign Product.


NOTE: If you are Metrc-enabled, and Re-assign Product is unselectable, see if you can revert the invoice to a draft. If you can’t, it means you’ve sold something from the invoice and you can no longer revert the invoice to a draft or reassign products on the invoice (due to Metrc regulations). You’ll need to follow the steps to sell through the inventory to remove the duplicate.

Step 8: Search for the product name and select the listing you’re keeping. Then click Assign Product.

Step 9: Repeat this process for any additional invoices associated with the duplicate product card.

Step 10: Navigate back to Product Management, and search for the product name. For any duplicate listings, click on the 3 vertical dots icon and select Deactivate or Delete.

  • Deactivate: Leaves the product card searchable in Product Management, and allows you to continue selling any inventory associated with it, but prevents you from being able to add new inventory to it. If there’s no inventory associated with the listing, it won’t appear on your menu.

  • Delete: This will permanently remove the listing from your portal. Tip: You cannot delete any listings that are still holding inventory.

Step 11: Open your eCommerce menu and search for the product to confirm the duplicate product was removed.


Selling Through Your Inventory

If you’re Metrc-enabled and have already sold 1+ item from that shipment you won’t be able to re-assign inventory to another listing. If that’s the case, you’ll need to sell through the remaining inventory associated with it before deleting it.

Step 1: On the row with the listing you want to retire, click the 3 dots icon and select Deactivate. This will block you from being able to add new inventory to it when creating an invoice while keeping the current inventory searchable and sellable in SellTreez.

  • To double-check this product is hidden from your menu, open the product details card, scroll down to the ‘eCommerce’ section and make sure ‘Hide from the Menu’ toggle is on.

  • When a customer orders this product online or in-store, as long as you scan the printed label on the item, the quantity will be removed from the correct package.
    - If you don’t attach and scan labels for each item, you’ll be prompted at POS (or when you fulfill the order) to select the package the item originated from. Scanning the inventory barcode is the only way to ensure you’re selecting the correct package!

Whenever the duplicate product card’s inventory sells out, it will become ‘Out of Stock’. At this point, you can delete the product card (since inventory is no longer associated with it).

Tip: If you don’t want to delete the card, as long as the card is deactivated, you’ll be unable to add inventory to it and therefore it won’t appear on your menu.


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