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How Do I Create a Sellable Location in Location Management?
How Do I Create a Sellable Location in Location Management?
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Please Note: Locations are structured in a tiered format. Meaning, you’ll always need to create the most general location before you’re able to create more specific areas within it. For example, you may choose to organize your inventory as detailed as Dispensary > Back Room > Row 2 > Shelf B > Section 4, or you may choose to simply store all inventory in your Dispensary. Regardless of which method you choose, you'll always need to begin by creating the parent location first.

Once your locations have been created, you can use the Inventory Control page to move specific quantities of inventory into and out of each location, as needed.

Creating Locations

To begin creating inventory locations navigate to Inventory > Location Management.


Click the + button next to a location to create a new parent or sub-location within your Dispensary. The locations you create should relate to real areas within your shop. e.g., Receiving Room, Back Room, Storefront, etc.

Fill out all fields and click Save.

  • Name: This is the name that will be associated with the actual location. It’s best to make it short and descriptive.

TIP: If your internal location management system is very detailed, we recommend physically labeling your rooms, rows, shelves, etc. for easy reference.

  • Inventory Type: From the dropdown, select the type of inventory that will be stored there — adult-use, medical, or both.

TIP: If you set a top-level location as a singular inventory type (eg. medical), then all of its sub-locations must also match that inventory type. Likewise, if your shop only serves medical customers, then all locations will automatically have their inventory type set to medical.

  • Parent Location: this is the dispensary location or a parent location that the new location will fall under. You can edit this once the location has been created.

Step 4: Once you’ve created 1+ parent location(s), you can nest as many sub-locations under it as you’d like by clicking the + on the associated line. There’s no limit to the number of locations you can create.

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