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TreezPay OneApp - Step 1: Sign Up and Using OneApp
TreezPay OneApp - Step 1: Sign Up and Using OneApp
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What is the OneApp?

Since 2018, Treez has offered vetted and integrated cashless payment solutions to provide redundancy and optionality to you and your customers. In response to the request for reliable and stable payment options, TreezPay has built out the TreezPay One Application, a common application that lets you apply and get expedited approvals for all of our cashless payment options.

Once you complete the OneApp and your documents are verified, you could be approved for every TreezPay product including PIN Debit, ACH, and Credit. By gaining approval for multiple products, retailers can nimbly navigate the dynamic cashless payments space. Complete the One Application today and discover how easy it is to add a new payment method on Treez, any time you want.

Where can I access the OneApp?

You can access OneApp on this website and immediately start filling in the required OneApp information.

How do I sign up?

On this page, add all the required information and then click on “Create Account”. If you run into any difficulty, contact support using the Help widget to the bottom left of the page.

Why should I add my Treez URL? What happens if I don’t have one?

Please enter the exact website address that you use to access your SellTreez portal. If you don’t have a Sell Treez portal, simply write NA in the URL field.

If you do not know your Sell Treez URL, please check here. In the below example, you can see that the website address used is:

Why do I need to create an account?

When you create an account, it becomes easier to save your application and come back to it anytime. Further, you can also invite others to help you fill in the application. Lastly, when you create an account, it is easier for us to secure and protect your valuable business information.

What happens after I create the account? How do I verify my email and get started?

After you create your account, you will receive an email with a verification link that says: “Welcome to TreezPay! You're almost ready to get started. Please click here to verify your email address.” Please click on the link and then sign in again, using the same email address and password you had created earlier! Now, you’re ready to go!

If you can’t locate the verification email check your spam folder for an email from “[email protected]”. You can also search for an email sent from this same email address.

If you still don’t get a verification email, please contact customer support,

What if I forget my password?

That’s no problem. On the ‘Sign In’ page, simply click on the forgot password link to initiate a password reset and follow the instructions given.

I’m not able to access the application in a mobile-friendly format. Can you help?

The TreezPay One Application is not intended to be filled out on a mobile phone screen. Please sign up/sign in on a desktop, laptop or large tablet screen.

How do I start filling out the actual application?

Please click on the large blue button called “TreezPay One Application, to begin your application.

How do I navigate between the various sections of the One App?

You can navigate between the various sections on the One App (shown on the left side of the application, by clicking on each of them.

When you finish filling in a section, you can click on “Save and Continue” to move ahead. If you are currently in the middle of filling in the information within a section, but don’t want to complete it immediately, we recommend clicking on “Skip”. This will save your information as long as you don’t exit the One App.

Please note, if you exit the One App, and you haven’t hit “Save and Continue”, we will not be able to save the data in that particular section of the form. This isn’t a big problem, simply add in the data again, and continue.

Can I save and come back to the One App later or should I finish it in one sitting?

You can come back to the One App anytime. We recommend refreshing the website if you have left the tab open for a very long time (say, anything over 45 minutes, without any activity).

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