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Role-Based Dashboard Access in Retail Analytics
Role-Based Dashboard Access in Retail Analytics
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Please Note: Roles other than Admin should not have Role-Based Dashboard Access permission granted.

Role-Based Dashboard Access is a new permissioning feature available in Treez Retail Analytics. This function is a pivotal upgrade as it enables admins to have complete control over their employees’ access to analytical reports, empowering every team member to have access to only the data they need in their role – and nothing they don’t.

Role-Based Dashboard Access configurations are available for users with Admin roles. Users with an Admin role can configure the dashboards they would like their employees to have access to based on their assigned roles. Admins can also review and make sure the users in their org are assigned to the right role.

Once an Admin has assigned role-based dashboard access across their organization, all users will then be able to view only the dashboards appropriate for their role.


Admins should log into the Latest Version of Treez with their usual credentials. You will not experience any differences by default. This is to ensure minimal disruption or confusion.

To update your Admin role’s permissions, navigate to Role Management.

Please Note: The Admin roles by default won’t have the Assign Dashboards to Roles permission, checked in the screenshot below.

As the Admin, your first step should be to select the Assign Dashboards to Role box and Save. Once you have done this, navigate back to the Dashboard > Retail Analytics and view the Settings menu:

Click to expand on each role’s permission to Retail Analytics. Select the dashboards you want each role to be able to view and save.

As an example, if a General Manager chooses not to expose certain sales reports to their budtenders, they can uncheck boxes in the Budtender group and save.

Once the Admin has configured the appropriate dashboard access to each role, they should also review that users are assigned to the right roles. Go to User Management and you will see the complete list of users in your org.

Use the Store and User Role filter to examine the Role assigned to your active Users.

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