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Retail Analytics - Budtender Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Budtender Dashboard
Written by Treez Admin
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Please Note: This article pertains to Retail Analytics dashboard functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

The Retail Analytics Budtender Dashboard empowers your frontline budtenders by giving them access to their personal sales performance. They can see their KPI targets, sales totals, and average sales time. They can track the type and number of discounts they have been using, the brands and product types they have been selling the fastest, which will allow them and you to adjust strategies if target are not being met.

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > RA> Sales> Budtender Dashboard

  • Monthly leaderboard demonstrates how a budtender ranks among all budtenders, across stores or across organizations.

  • Make sure you set up your target goals first in the Controls panel.

  • You can switch between Average Order Profit and Average Order Value to view how you perform compares to your targets.

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