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Retail Analytics - Trends Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Trends Dashboard
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Please Note: This article pertains to Retail Analytics dashboard functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

The Retail Analytics Trend dashboard allows you to compare your organization’s performance over time.

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > RA> Sales > Trends

Choose your parameter:

  • Previous day - choose this to compare your current day sales performances to the previous day;

  • Same day previous year - compare the current day to the same day last year

  • Month - current month to date compared with the previous month

  • Select Month - you can select a specific month to compare, an additional box will appear on the right.

  • Quarter - current quarter compared to the previous quarter

  • Year - current year compared to the previous year

  • Previous 7-days - 7-days including the current day, compared to the previous 7-days

  • Previous Month-to-date - current month-to-date compared to the previous month-to-date

  • Previous Year-to-date - current year-to-date compared to the previous year-to-date

Comparison Cards

You can click on the number of any KPI card to get a Trend Line graph at the bottom of this dashboard.

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