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Retail Analytics - Discount Planning Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Discount Planning Dashboard
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Please Note: This article pertains to Retail Analytics dashboard functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

The Retail Analytics Discount Planning dashboard helps you plan out your discount strategy based on your current inventory.

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > RA> Sales> Discount Planning

Use the downward arrow to expand the Controls panel where you can select the stores, specific product type, subtype, brands, and classifications. You can also view discounts by weekday.

Use the Refresh button on the top left corner to reset the whole page.

Discount Planning for Current Inventory

In this section, you have control of your view by:

  • Including or Excluding Merch Inventory

  • Viewing products by

    • Product Brand or Type

    • Product Line

    • Product Name

  • Use the sliding bars to adjust the units remaining, and product days remaining to focus on items with too many units in stock.

  • Click on the table’s column headers to sort by ascending or descending.

Choose a specific product by clicking on any row in the table to view its historical discounts. The horizontal bar shows the discount method (%, $, BOGO, etc.), and the vertical bar shows the discount method's performance.

  • Choose a Performance Metric

  • Hover over the bar to see the details

Performance of Promotions

You have a choice of viewing this list in its tabular format, or in its dot chart and you can further drill down to each discount’s basket analysis by clicking any row or dot.


The Promotion Basket Analysis can help with inventory planning, boosting your margins and verifying items that are frequently bought together.


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