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Retail Analytics - Invoices Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Invoices Dashboard
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Please Note: This article pertains to Retail Analytics dashboard functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

The Retail Analytics Invoices dashboard makes invoice management easy by enabling you to choose your view across all of your locations. You can also track invoices by invoice number, or the external invoice ID.

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > RA> Accounting > Invoices

Apply filters to drill in to a specific store, date range, vendor, due date, and more.

View details of invoices by moving your cursor to different sections of the bar graphs.

Invoice Details

View all invoices, paid or unpaid, in one place. View the receiving store for each invoice, product units remaining, % funded, and costs.

While on the Details table, you can click on a specific row of invoice as a filter to see its payment and products details.


Invoice Products

This table lists information on the products in the invoice at the batch_id level to help you see exactly how many of each product you received.

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