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SellTreez: Configuring the New Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler Integration
SellTreez: Configuring the New Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler Integration
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT - Please read: The Weedmaps (New Integration), formerly known as Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler will replace the legacy Weedmaps integration developed by Treez. The Treez integration will no longer be able to sync your menu once the Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler integration is configured; the Live Menu Crawler will take over the syncing of your menu. We suggest migrating to the Weedamps developed integration to take advantage of new features such as automatic menu syncing before December 31, 2021. As of January 1, 2022 the Legacy Treez developed integration will be removed from your Treez instance. The Weedmaps developed integration will be the only available integration with Treez. The Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler is an integration designed by the team at Weedmaps which allows retailers to sync their menu in near real time with your Treez inventory.

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  • If you don’t have a Weedmaps business account yet, create one here before getting started.

  • You will need to request an API key from Treez support


Setup in Weedmaps (Migrating from Legacy Weedmaps Integration)

If you are migrating from the legacy Weedmaps integration to the Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler please contact Weedmaps at [email protected].


Setup in Weedmaps (No Current Weedmaps Integration)

The Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler integration now needs to be configured from your Weedmaps Admin pane.

NOTE: The Information below is provided for reference purposes only. Please check with your Weedmaps Account Representative or Weedmaps for more information.

Step 1: Navigate to and login using the account that is associated with the Weedmaps Listing you would like to sync.

Step 2: From your Listing Page, locate the menu listing you would like to sync with Treez and click the Edit button.


Step 3: Click Menu in the top navigation bar.


Step 4: Click the POS Integration button in the upper right corner.


Step 5: Click on the downward facing arrow in the Select Your POS System drop down and select Treez (New Integration).

NOTE: Weedmaps has recently changed the name from Treez (Crawler) to Treez (New Integration).


Step 6: Enter your API key as provided by Treez support in the box labeled API Key box. If you don't have your API key yet, please request your API key from Treez support.


Step 7: Enter your Treez URL in the box labeled Treez URL. This is the URL you use to access Treez in your Chrome browser. Example:


Step 8: Configure the Treez (Crawler) Options. For more information regarding these options and their functionality, please contact Weedmaps Support.


Step 9: Click the Create button.


Step 10: Read the confirmation box that appears and click the Yes, continue button when ready.

NOTE: By confirming, all currently published Weedmaps items will be unpublished. The integration will create new items based on your Treez inventory at the time of the menu sync.


Step 11: The Weedmaps Live Menu Crawler integration will now begin importing your live inventory. This process may take some time to complete. Once complete, you will see the sync history in the Sync Activity pane.

NOTE: You may need to refresh your browser to see the updated sync activity.

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