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SellTreez: Requesting an API Key For SellTreez APIs
SellTreez: Requesting an API Key For SellTreez APIs
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All partners must go through the integration certification process before they can access any production environment API keys. This is to ensure a minimum standard of quality for our mutual customers.

Treez integrates with a wide variety of technology partners to help you seamlessly supercharge your options for your online menu, loyalty program, and more. You can view a list of our Integration Partners here.

In most cases, third-party platforms require an API Key provided by Treez to set-up the integration. To request an API Key, follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Only users belonging to the User Group of 'Manager', 'Cash Manager', or a User Group of equal security clearance can request API keys. For verification purposes, API key requests must come from an authorized users email address as listed in User Management. Requests made from emails that are not listed in User Management and are not authorized users will not be fulfilled until consent from an authorized user is received.

You can email us directly at [email protected] or you can contact us via chat with your request.

Step 1: Click on the Need Help? tab on the right-hand side of the screen if you are in SellTreez.

Step 2: Select Chat with Support in the bottom-right corner of the Help Center.

Step 3: Copy the text block below, and paste it into your message:

API Key Request
Customer URL:
Application Requiring API Access:
Customer Contact Name:
Customer Contact Email:
Integration Partner Contact Name (optional):
Integration Partner Contact Email (optional):

Step 4: Fill out each field in the message with the appropriate information.

  • Customer URL: Your portal link (e.g.

  • Application Requiring API Access: Name of integrated system (e.g. Leafly, Weedmaps)

  • Customer Contact Name and Email: Point of contact to receive the API Key

  • Integration Partner Contact Name and Email (optional): Additional recipient of the API Key

Step 5: Send the message.

Once your request is submitted, a member of our team will send your API Key to the contacts listed in your request.


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