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SellTreez: Onfleet Errors
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes orders may run into errors displayed on the Fulfillment Dashboard when syncing Onfleet orders. Please review the list below for more information.





completeBefore must not be before creation time Invalid time constraints specified

This error occurs when the scheduled time of the SellTreez ticket has lapsed before the Onfleet Task was created

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • An integration partner may have submitted the "scheduled_date" for a date or time in the past.

  • A scheduled time was set in SellTreez or by an integration partner, but the date or time has sine passed before the ticket was moved to an order status that triggers the onfleet integration to create an Onfleet task.

  1. Navigate to SellTreez POS

  2. Click "Current Sale"

  3. Click "View Saved Sales"

  4. Search for the Order number

  5. Click the order

  6. Click "Edit"

  7. Update the Date and/or time to one in the future

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