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SellTreez: Onfleet and the Fulfillment Dashboard
SellTreez: Onfleet and the Fulfillment Dashboard
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With the Treez & Onfleet integration, you can send delivery orders from your Treez portal into Onfleet automatically and in real-time. To learn more about setting up this integration, click here.

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Sending Orders to Onfleet

Delivery orders will automatically be sent to Onfleet once they reach the status of your choice. To select the order status that will act as the trigger, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Integration > Delivery Integration > Send to Delivery Status Threshold.

NOTE: Any changes to an order's details in Treez will be automatically sent to the corresponding Onfleet Task. Cancelling an order in Treez will automatically remove the corresponding task from Onfleet.

This is the information sent to your Onfleet Task List from the Treez integration:

  • Customer Information

    • Name

    • Phone number

  • Order Information

    • Delivery address

    • Order notes

    • Delivery window start and/or end time

In the Task Details section of the Onfleet task, you can view additional information about the order, including:

  • Payment amount to be collected

  • Total item count

  • Item details

    • quantity

    • brand

    • product name

    • package label

In the Metadata section of the Onfleet task, you can view this additional information:

  • Dispensary

  • Treez order number

  • Treez ticket ID

  • Payment status

  • Create date/time

  • Payment amount to collect

  • Expected payment type


Navigating Onfleet Orders

Sync Statuses

Each delivery order's card on the Fulfillment dashboard will have a truck icon. The color of the truck indicates the order's sync status with Onfleet. A green truck equates to a successful sync and a red truck indicates there was an error that must be resolved.



Orders Synced to Onfleet

Click on any order card that’s been sent successfully to view the order's Onfleet ID. To view the accompanying order in Onfleet, click the ID.



Sync Errors

If an order is encountering a sync error, you can retry sending it to Onfleet. Mouse over the 'Sync Error' message to view error details — if there are information-related errors (such as an invalid delivery address) correct them before resending the order. To resend an order to Onfleet, click on the order card, and then select the reload icon directly to the right of the Onfleet ID.


If you continue to encounter an error, you can also copy and paste the customer and order information into Onfleet.


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