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TreezSupport : Making Posts in the Community Forums
TreezSupport : Making Posts in the Community Forums
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You can participate in the Treez Community Forums by making a post or a comment to ask questions, provide answers, or share ideas with other Treez users. Before you post, be sure to run a quick search to see if the question has already been asked and answered.

To make a community forum post

  1. Click New post in the top-right side of any community page.

  2. Enter a Title for your post.

  3. Enter Details, which might be anything, including a question or tip.

  • Make use of the formatting toolbar to customize the content of your post or to add links and images.

    1. Images added to a post in a restricted topic will only be visible with the email notifications sent to users who follow your post

  1. Maximum Image file size is 2MB. This limit cannot be increased.

@mentions: If you would like to tag another user in your post, type "@" followed by at least the first three characters of their alias, or user name, then select the user you want to add from the list.

  1. For instance, if you want to @mention Jane Doe, type "@Jan," then select Jane Doe. The user mentioned is automatically emailed, and now follows the post.

Select a Topic for the post from the drop-down menu that is most relevant to your post by clicking the downward arrow on the right of the selection bar.


Click Submit.


Sharing a link to a comment

You can share a link to a comment on an article or a post to point users to the exact answer or solution.

To copy a link to a specific comment

  1. Click the options menu beside the comment, then select Permalink.

  2. Click Copy.

  3. Paste the link where you want to share it.


You can find more information about the Treez Help Center and Treez Community Forums here.

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