SellTreez Product Update 43.0.0
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ST > Retail > POS > Refund ACH

New feature allowing refunds through Swifter (if original payment method) within ST POS.

ST > Retail > eCommerce

  • View rewards and redeem in cart screen.

ST > Configurations > Config Page > eCommerce

  • Enable eCommerce rewards redemption (only selectable if RAD is enabled in config tool).

New feature allowing Treez Rewards (as a discount) to be redeemed in TreezCommerce. Also includes surfacing rewards balance in TreezCommerce navigation bar.

ST > Configurations > Config Page > Payment Types

  • Enable Swifter eCommerce and input auth credentials.

ST > Retail > eCommerce

  • Pay with Swifter ACH option at checkout screen.

New feature - Ability to pay online via embedded Swifter within TreezCommerce checkout screen.


  • New HWA feature allowing user to define their own print location name.


Enhancements addressing compliance concerns that prevents products to be priced to $0 if configured:

ST > Configuration > Config Tool

  • Enable product minimum.

ST > Configuration > Config Page

  • Set product price floor.

ST > Product > Product Management

  • Messaging indicating products that are priced to $0 won't be able add to cart in POS (if enabled).

ST > Retail > POS

  • Prevent products to be priced to 0 via rewards & discounts or allow $0 priced product to be added to cart (if enabled).

ST > Retail > Fulfillment

  • Introduce clearer user messaging indicating that potential for ticket in static fulfillment stage to show incorrect tax value if taxes are adjusted during operating hours. Note: Tax amount will recalculate as soon as ticket is moved to next stage.

Reports > Inventory > Log

  • Added 'Merge To' and 'Merge From' actions to the Activity filter.

Retail > Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment filter enhancement allowing delivery orders to be filtered by the time block in which they are due by allowing fulfillment to prioritize based on what needs to go out first. Ex: If delivery due by 11:55 then populate in open-12p window.

Configuration > Config Page > POS> Payment Types

  • Enhancement allowing a custom tender type that was previously deactivated to be re-activated from the UI.


Product > Product Management

  • Searching for products with the in/out of stock filter working as expected.


  • Fix addressing duplicate tip and fee entries on split payments or if rewards applied. Now only adds fee and tip to the original payment entry to which it was applied.

  • Fix addressing duplicate shift creation with same open date when clicking start shift too quickly.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Resolved an issue with invalid dates attempting to save.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoice

  • Resolved an issue importing two invoice lines with the same batch ID.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • For inventory created from the 'Pack' feature, the 'Accepted Date' now reflects the original invoice date of the bulk product.

ST > Retail > Pole Display

  • Fix to ensure discounts applied or removed in real time mirror on the customer facing pole display.

ST > Retail > POS

  • Fix allowing license to be updated from POS if expired.

iOS Customer Intake App > Customer Queue

  • Fix addressing customer queue appearing to be blank within iOS intake app when customers are checked in.

IOS Intake APP > Customer Info > Purchases

  • Fix addressing IOS intake app issue resulting in orders populating incorrectly.

Configurations > User Management

  • Resolved an issue with permission toggles disabling when a user's PIN or password is updated.

Inventory > Location Management

  • Removed leading and trailing spaces from existing location names to prevent issues with menu integrations.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

  • Fixed filters resetting on Inventory Adjustment.

  • Resolved an issue that caused some non-cannabis items to display as N/A.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices (Import from Metrc)

  • Invoice lines are now sorted by ascending Metrc package UID. For non-tracked inventory, they are sorted in the order they were added to the invoice.

ST > Cash > Cash Handling > Shift Reports

  • Fix addressing shift report filtering and expected display issue.

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