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Integrated Credit Integration
Integrated Credit Integration
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Follow the instructions below for your Integrated Credit integration.

Please Note: Perform the following actions directly on the terminal before beginning the Integrated Credit integration process. Do not skip this process.

Powering on and connecting your terminal to WiFi:

  1. Take your terminal out of the box and connect it to power.

  2. Locate and press the power button on the left side of the terminal.

  3. Once your terminal is at the home screen, select “Settings” (Password: 1234)

  4. Select “WLAN”

  5. Locate and select your WiFi (no 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz only)

  6. Enter you WiFi password and select “Connect”(case sensitive)

  7. Your terminal should now be connected to the WiFi.

Integration Process

Enable Payment Type

Enable the "Integrated Credit" Payment Type by navigating to Configurations -> Config Page -> Point of Sale -> Payment Types

Enable the "Integrated Credit" toggle, enter the desired "Convenience fee" (what you charge your customers to use credit, typically $5) then hit save.

Each terminal has a unique Serial Number (SN/TPN) and Integration Keys (RegisterId & AuthKey). The Integration Keys are what you will enter into Treez, they associate each terminal with a specific register/POS.

The Integration Keys will be sent to you via email and will look similar to this:

Example Integration Keys ONLY! These are not the Integration Keys you will actually use.

SN: WP31901Q4320383

TPN: 19014320383

RegisterId: 124370103

SN: WP31901Q4320383

TPN: 19014320383

RegisterId: 124370104

SN: WP31901Q4320383

TPN: 19014320383

RegisterId: 124370105

Locating the Terminal's Serial Number

Find the terminal's Serial Number by opening the back of the terminal where the receipt paper goes, and inside there should be a sticker with a serial number that starts with "WP". Each WP number will have an associated RegisterID & AuthKey. The RegisterID will be unique for each terminal, the AuthKey will be the same for every device.

Enter Integration Keys into the Hardware Location

Enter the "Integration Keys" from each terminal into its associated Register/ POS. You will repeat this process for each POS location.

Navigate to Configurations -> Config Page -> Hardware -> "POS_" -> Integrated Credit

Enable the "Integrated Credit" toggle and enter the Register ID & Auth Code for the terminal that you are setting up at that Register/POS then click Save.

Click Test, and if it comes back "Success Device is Online" you are all set.

Processing A Transaction

Navigate to Retail > Sell Treez POS

On the Checkout screen click the “Charge Integrated Credit” button.

Review the “Payment Summary” pop-up and click “Accept” to send the transactions to the terminal

Once the transaction is completed on the terminal, receipts will print from both Treez and the card terminal and Treez will display the completed transaction.

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