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How Does TreezPay ACH Work with Integrated eCommerce/Menu Platforms?
How Does TreezPay ACH Work with Integrated eCommerce/Menu Platforms?
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As long as your eCommerce provider is integrated with Treez, you can continue using an external platform and still offer TreezPay ACH as a payment option.

How will workflows at my store change when I have TreezPay ACH?

Because this is a fully integrated payment type, not much!

After the customer places their order on the Integrated eCommerce platform, the integration partner will submit the order to Treez. Once the order is in Treez, you will process the order using the Fulfillment Dashboard as normal. Our ACH provider, Stronghold, will send a payment link via SMS (Text message) to the customer which can be used to Authorize the ACH payment for their order. Once the customer authorizes the ACH payment for their order, an ‘Authorized’ badge will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the order’s card on your Treez Fulfillment Dashboard.


NOTE: By default, Stronghold will send the SMS paylink when an order is in the "Awaiting Processing" order status. If you would the SMS message to be sent to the customer at a different order status, please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • 'Authorized' status means Stronghold has checked the status of the customer’s bank account, and the account is active and owned by the user login provided.

  • An authorization check does not pull funds from the account immediately, allowing SellTreez users to cancel 'Authorization' status tickets without processing a refund.

  • A 'Paid' status occurs after the order has been moved to 'Completed' or 'Out for Delivery', at which point, Stronghold then pulls (known as "Capture") funds from the account.

When a customer comes to pick up the order, any orders marked as 'Paid' simply need to be completed from the Fulfillment dashboard or in SellTreez POS directly. Completed ACH tickets will be visible in the Payments report under the ACH payment type. Service fees a customer pays for using the ACH payment type will not be included in the SellTreez order total as these fees are collected outside of the SellTreez POS during the payment authorization and capture steps.

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