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What Does the "Awaiting Processing" Status Mean for ACH Paylinks?
What Does the "Awaiting Processing" Status Mean for ACH Paylinks?
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NOTE: SMS receipt is discontinued as of 10.1.21 until further notice. ACH paylink notifications are no longer configured in Treez, as Treez has disabled notifications.

Stronghold is now sending SMS paylink notifications at the “awaiting processing” status. It is possible to edit the order after the payment has been authorized and the order remains in one of the following order status:

  • Awaiting Processing

  • In Process

  • Packed and Ready

NOTE: If you would like the SMS paylink notifications to be sent at a different order status, please contact Stronghold Support.

To Edit an and Unpaid or Authorized order:

  • Navigate to Retail > Fulfillment

  • Verify the Customer Card (if the order is in the Verification Pending status)

  • Click on the Order Card to open it to the 2x view

  • Click Edit Order

  • Click Edit

  • Remove unwanted item(s) and/or Add replacement items from left menu

  • Save the sale by clicking Current Sale > Save Current Sale



Then you move the order to another status:

  • In Process

  • Packed and Ready

  • Out for Delivery

Once the customer picks up the order, you can mark the order as Completed in SellTreez POS or Fulfillment Dashboard, where the payment is captured.

Note: After an order is moved to Out for Delivery or completed, the payment is captured by Stronghold and can no longer be edited. You can, however, process an ACH refund.

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