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What does the Authorized badge mean in Fulfillment? (ACH)
What does the Authorized badge mean in Fulfillment? (ACH)
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What does the "Authorized" badge mean in Fulfillment?



When a customer uses the prepayment link sent to them via SMS or clicks the "Pay Now" button (the name of this button is customizable and may be different in your instance) on the order screen of Treez eCommerce, they will be asked to link their bank account (if not done so already) to prepay for their order. The "Authorized" badge displayed on tickets within the Fulfillment Dashboard means that the customer has opted to use TreezPay ACH to pay for their order, our payment partner has verified the bank account is valid and at the time the customer accepted the total amount.

NOTE: It's important to note that an "Authorized" status does not indicate that funds have been reserved or taken from the customer's account and the ticket is not considered PAID.

When a ticket is moved to "Out for Delivery" or "Completed" status, the customer's bank account will be checked again to ensure the funds in the account are sufficient to cover the current cost of the ticket. If the available funds are not sufficient to cover the cost of the ticket total at this time, a message will be displayed in Treez indicating the customer has insufficient funds.

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