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Insufficient Balance Warning for ACH Authorized Orders
Insufficient Balance Warning for ACH Authorized Orders
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When moving an ACH Authorized ticket to "Out for Delivery" or "Completed status, the customers' bank account is checked by our payment provider to ensure the balance of the bank account has sufficient available funds to cover the ticket total. If the customer's bank account does not have sufficient funds, as reported by our payment provider, a message will appear on screen indicating the customer has an insufficient balance to cover the cost of the ticket. If this warning pops up, the ticket cannot be completed, and the customer will need to provide an alternative form of payment or click the retry button.



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What does this error mean?

This error means that our payment provider has received an insufficient balance notification for the customers bank account and are unable to capture the funds required to complete the ticket.

What do I do if I have received this error?

You can attempt to recapture the funds by clicking the "Retry" button. If the warning persists, you will need to accept an alternative form of payment for this order.

How do I accept an alternate form of payment?

To accept an alternative form of payment. you must manually create a new ticket for this customer and add the desired items from the original ACH Authorized ticket to the new ticket. You can then complete the new order using the alternate payment type provided by the customer.

What if my customer has sufficient funds in their bank?

This error message provided to Treez by our payment provider directly. Often times a customer may have funds in their bank account, but those funds may not be marked as "available" by the banking institution. If you or your customer believe they have sufficient funds in their bank account but are still receiving an insufficient balance warning, you will need to work with the payment provider and/or the customers banking institution directly. Since it might take some time to work with the bank and/or payment provider, you may want to consider using an alternate form of payment for this transaction in order to make sure the customer can be accommodated quickly.

What if the customers bank account was already charged?

If the customer is reporting that their bank account was already charged for this order, you will want to confirm this by logging into your ACH Merchant Portal directly to confirm that is the case. Sometimes payments can be shown as "Pending" on a customer's bank account for a short time and the transaction can be later be removed if the payment is not fully processed. Processing times can vary by banking institution. If you can confirm through your ACH Merchant Portal that the payment was successfully captured, please provide a screenshot of the confirmed payment to Treez Support.

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