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SellTreez: How Do I Refund an ACH Payment?
SellTreez: How Do I Refund an ACH Payment?
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How Can I Refund an ACH Payment?

If the order has been completed and a partial refund has not already been issued, the payment may be fully refunded via ACH for the entire order amount. The payment can be partially refunded, but only in Cash or Treez Reward Dollars (if enabled).


ACH Refunds will appear in the following locations:

  • Cash Handling > Daily Totals There are two ACH sections that appear on this page:

    • ACH refunds will appear under ‘Cash Drawer Daily Summary’ because ACH refunds are issued at POS, and therefore will be attached to a cash drawer.

    • All other ACH orders will appear in the ‘Online Prepaid’ section, as usual.

  • Reports > Sales

    • Product Sum & Product Log ACH refunds will be reflected in the ‘Returns’ column.

    • Payment Log The ‘Payment Type’ is listed as ‘ACH Refund’ and the ‘Payment Name’ will show as ‘ACH’.

  • The receipt printed will be a distinct Refund Receipt.

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