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What is TreezPay ACH?
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NOTE: As of Oct 1st, Treez is no longer sending SMS pay links. Stronghold now sends these links. Stronghold has also added redundant email delivery of paylinks for consumers who have provided their email address in case of SMS delays or disruptions.

TreezPay ACH is a digital payment solution that provides your customers with a convenient way to pay for their online orders using their mobile devices. You can also embed Stronghold payments directly into your Treez eCommerce menu, allowing customers to link their bank account once and then can use the same linked account to pay for future orders. For more details on the customer experience, click here.

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What is Stronghold?

Treez and Stronghold have partnered to offer a fully integrated, compliant ACH payment solution. As you already know, Treez offers eCommerce and Point of Sale. To put it simply, Stronghold oversees the financial and technical aspects of the integration that make digital payments possible. You can read more about the company here.

Is TreezPay ACH powered by Stronghold secure?

Yes, confidential customer banking details are not accessible by the dispensary, Treez, or Stronghold. To complete a mobile payment via TreezPay ACH, customers simply log in to their online banking provider once by entering their credentials (login & password), and by doing so, are protected by the same level of security their banking institution provides.

With this process, there is no new account creation (security exposure) required and it piggybacks on existing banking-level security. Additionally, 2-factor authentication is utilized to safeguard against fraudulent activity, the ACH purchase maximum is limited to $999 to reduce exposure, and TreezPay ACH charges always appear transparently on bank statements.

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