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Integrated ATM FAQs
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What is TreezPay Integrated ATM?

TreezPay Integrated ATM is a point of banking payment solution that provides your customers with a convenient way to pay for their in-store orders with their debit cards. Integrated ATM transactions allow customers to purchase products in the same way they’d perform an ATM transaction to withdraw cash. However, as the name suggests, a cashless ATM terminal doesn’t provide cash and instead issues a receipt that’s used to make a purchase with the merchant. The merchant receives the funds directly in their bank account. To learn more about the customer experience, click here.

How can TreezPay Integrated ATM help my operations?

TreezPay Integrated ATMs can benefit your business in many ways. One of the most attractive reasons is the proven increase in average order values (AOVs) when non-cash payment methods are available. They also provide a safer environment for both your shoppers and your business, by requiring less contact to process a payment and reducing the amount of cash on-site.

What are Vector and Dejavoo?

Vector and Dejavoo are payment partners who Treez has teamed up with to provide a compliant debit payment option for your customers that is also fully integrated with the Treez point of sale. At a basic level, Vector manages your merchant and payment services, while Dejavoo handles your hardware and payment gateways.


Application Process

How do I apply for TreezPay Integrated ATM?

Your first step will be to gather the documents required to apply:

  • Cannabis License

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization

  • IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a copy of your IRS SS-4 Form showing you’ve applied for an EIN

  • Copy of your signed IRS W9 form

  • Color copy of the signer’s drivers license

  • Voided check or other banking documents (e.g. letter, statement) showing you’re in good standing with your bank

  • Proof your bank account is tied to your business entity

Then, contact your Treez Customer Success Manager or [email protected] to request an application form. If you have any questions about the application process not covered in these FAQs, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Do I need a bank account to apply?

Yes, you’ll need a bank account under either the dispensary entity or a management company.

NOTE: Personal banking accounts do not meet the requirement, and are ineligible to apply.

If I have multiple locations, do I need to submit separate applications for each location?

Most likely, yes, but it depends on the structure of your specific business. If you’re exploring Integrated ATMs for multiple locations, be sure to mention it when you request your application and your Customer Success Manager will be able to assess whether or not separate applications are required.



Once I’m approved, what does the onboarding process entail?

Getting started with TreezPay Integrated ATM can be done in a flash. After you’re approved, you’ll select your debit terminals which will be sent directly to your store. Once your hardware arrives, Treez Support can help you enable the payment method across the Treez portal, and answer any outstanding questions.

How do I access my DeNovo/Dejavoo Integrated ATM merchant portal?

Our payment processing partners will provide your shop’s primary representative a login token via email to access their portal with transaction reports and terminal information. If you haven’t yet received this invite, please contact the Treez Support team, and we’ll contact your payment partner to reset your login.



What fees are operators subject to?

There are standard per transaction and monthly fees which are assessed to maintain compliance and support the necessary hardware and software programming. That being said, the integration with Treez allows you to pass these fees onto your customer to effortlessly offset this cost.

How are customer fees applied?

Treez will automatically add any fees to the order, and the fees collected will be reflected in the Cash Handling module and End of Day reporting.


Using TreezPay Integrated ATM (Customer Experience)

How do my customers pay for their order using an Integrated ATM?

A cashless ATM transaction will be a familiar experience for customers because it’s so similar to a standard debit card payment. When their order is ready to be paid for, the customer will insert or swipe their debit card. The budtender should always inform the customer that the charge on their card will be rounded up to the nearest $10 increment and they’ll receive cash change for the difference (in the same way as if the customer had withdrawn the cash from a regular ATM and used it to pay for the order). Once the card amount is approved, the budtender issues change from their cash drawer, and that completes the transaction. Easy!

What kinds of cards can customers use for an Integrated ATM transaction?

Any debit card with a security chip. The card needs to be present at checkout, entering a card number instead of inserting a physical card is not supported. Credit cards are not accepted for cashless ATM transactions.

Can customers use TreezPay Integrated ATM to pay for eCommerce orders?

Yes, customers can use cashless ATMs as a payment method for orders placed online, but they pay at the time of pick-up or drop-off, not in advance. (For an eCommerce payment option that allows customers to pay ahead of time, check out TreezPay ACH here!)

Here’s how cashless ATM works for a couple of fulfillment options:

  • Pick-up: Customers can pay for their order in-store when they come to pick it up, a workflow similar to if they were paying for a pick-up order with cash.

  • Delivery: Equipping your delivery driver with a tablet, wireless debit terminal, receipt printer, and cash change will allow them to accept the card and process the transactions at drop-off.

Is customer banking information shared?

No, confidential customer banking details are not accessible by the dispensary or Treez.

Is there a limit to how much customers can purchase in a single transaction?

Yes, there is a bank-to-bank transaction limit. However, the purchase limit is set by a customer's banking institution. Although the limit typically ranges from $300 - $500, customers should contact their bank to understand their exact ATM purchase limits.


Using TreezPay Integrated ATM (Store Experience)

Why can we only charge in $10 increments?

Because the Integrated ATM transactions are processed in the same way as an ATM withdrawal through the point of banking network, there are limitations to the amounts that can be processed (just like how traditional ATMs only offer $20 increments) and in this program, the transactions must be in increments of $10. For example, if an order costs $9.50, the debit card will be charged for $10 and the cashier will issue $0.50 in change to the customer.

If a customer needed to use a traditional ATM in the example above, they’d need to know their order total in advance, withdraw $20, and end up with more cash change. Incremental withdrawals allow your customers to compliantly use their card for payment at the register without performing a withdrawal beforehand and offer the benefit of withdrawing the closest amount to their order total as possible.

How can I refund an Integrated ATM payment?

Unfortunately, refunding an ATM transaction to the original account isn’t possible, due to business regulations. If you need to refund a customer, you can process a refund for the previous transaction with:

  • Cash: When you remove cash from a drawer to refund the customer, be sure to process the refund on the station associated with that cash drawer so your daily totals are correct.

  • Reward Dollars: Refunding to a customer’s Rewards balance is a simple way to encourage them to visit your store again.

How often do my Integrated ATM payments batch?

Though customers’ debit cards are authorized at the time of the transaction, the actual transactions occur during a process called ‘batching’. TreezPay Integrated ATM transactions are batched nightly, at which point the funds from the day are combined and begin transferring from the customers’ accounts to your bank. The deposit for today’s transactions may take 48 - 72 hours to appear in your account.


Additional Information

Where can I find more information about TreezPay Integrated ATM?

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will walk you through any questions you may have.


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