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Retail Analytics - AZ MET Report Dashboard
Retail Analytics - AZ MET Report Dashboard
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NEW - Arizona Only

The AZ MET Report dashboard allows you to easily and accurately fill out your Marijuana Excise Tax Return (MET-1) which is due to the Arizona Department of Revenue by the 20th of each month for the previous month’s sales.

  • Data used is between 12AM on the 1st of the month through 11:59PM on the last day of the month: (MM/FIRST_DAY/YYYY 00:00:00 - MM/LAST_DAY/YYYY 23:59:59). Any adjustments to inventory outside that date range is not considered in the calculations. The 1st of the month should represent the ending of the previous month.

  • Data used in columns (K) through (R) represent grams, as specified by bullet point number 4 in Section II of the Marijuana Excise Tax Return (MET-1) instructions.

Navigate to Retail Analytics > Accounting > AZ MET Report

The AZ MET Report dashboard is a replication of the second page of the MET-1. The Consolidated Category table found in the dashboard can be used for the second page of the MET-1 (Inventory Schedule Section II). We’ve aggregated your store’s data so that product types are rolled up into the 3 categories that the Inventory Schedule (Section II) table requires; in addition, providing an extra rolled up category for visibility into the remaining Treez inventory categories.

If you would like to see a more detailed breakdown of these product types as they were originally entered into your SellTreez product management, you can see this in the second table of the AZ MET Report Dashboard under Category Breakout.

Column Definitions

Definitions: MET Report Column (I): TYPE

  • Marijuana includes Flower & Pre-roll(s)

  • Edibles includes Edibles & Beverages

  • Other includes Cartridges, Extracts, Topicals, Pills, & Tinctures

  • *(Not Included) - CBD, Merch, Misc, Non-Inv


  • Destroyed

  • Adjusted

  • Loss / Waste

Using your AZ MET Report Dashboard

Download your AZ MET Report dashboard and cut and paste directly into the MET-1 file. This will save you time and ensure compliance and accuracy.

Step 1:

Use the controls to filter for the store, month & year. This will update the tables to contain relevant data ready for you to export.

Please Note: You may want to consider what has been sold in the rolled-up category type labeled “(NOT INCLUDED) - CBD, MISC, MERCH, NON-INV”. Feel free to ignore this row if no Adult-Use Cannabis sales have been made from these product categories. By clicking on the row, the Category Breakout table below will show a more in-depth analysis.

Step 2:

Export a CSV from the AZ MET Consolidated Categories table.

Step 3:

Copy all columns with letter labels H through R and paste them into the Inventory Schedule (Section II) table.

Step 4:

Populate the TPT location code column in the Inventory Schedule (Section II).

Edge Cases:

  • Weight and Unit of Measure cannot be changed during the month, this can only happen at the end of month or on the very first day.

  • Products cannot be reassigned during the month.

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