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VeriScan Integration with Treez
VeriScan Integration with Treez
Written by Treez Admin
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The Treez VeriScan integration allows customer records to be created in Treez from the scan of a driver’s license or passport done by Veriscan. The integration is a one-way integration - Veriscan pushes to Treez, but Treez does not communicate back to VeriScan in any way.

Setup Instructions

  • You will need a Treez API key to properly complete the integration with VeriScan. Contact Treez support to get an API key created.

  • Login to the VeriScan Cloud console at

  • On the left navigation column, browse to Integrations >> Webhooks

Near the top of the screen, click the Enable webhooks toggle switch to activate webhook functionality.

  • Place a check in all of the boxes to select all of the webhook types

  • Click the Save settings button

  • Click on the Add endpoint button to create a new webhook definition

  • Add the Treez webhook address to the Link field

  • Add the Webhook Endpoint Name: Treez

  • If you only have a single VeriScan location, leave the Location field blank. If you have devices in multiple locations, click the Location field to reveal the locations that you have defined, and select the location that corresponds to the Treez dispensary in which you want customer records created.

    • Contact VeriScan support if you have any questions about multi-location setup within VeriScan Cloud.

  • In the Headers section, click on the Add Header button to create a new header record. Headers are used to send special parameters back to Treez.

  • Type the word dispensary in the Name field, and the dispensary’s hostname in the Value field. For example, for the dispensary, you would enter partnersandbox2 into the field.

  • Optional: there are additional headers that can be added to activate additional integration functionality. Add any of these you wish to use:

    • Name: checkin, Value: true

      • This will automatically check in a customer into the Treez queue upon a successful ID scan with the VeriScan device.

  • Name: marketingOptIn, Value: true

    • This will automatically set the flag in Treez to indicate that the customer has opted-in to receive marketing messages via SMS or email.

    • This feature only applies to a new customer who has signed the user agreement through VeriScan.

    • IMPORTANT: To ensure compliant opt-in, this flag should only be used in conjunction with the user agreement functionality in VeriScan. The user agreement that you create in VeriScan should clearly state that by signing, the customer is opting in to marketing messages.

  • When you have finished entering Header information, click Create endpoint at the bottom of the section to save your configuration and activate the webhook.

  • Last, make sure to set the Active toggle switch to the on position.

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