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Michigan Immature Plant Sales
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NEW! - 5/25/2022 and supersedes the advisory of 3/7/2022

Michigan Only - Immature Plant Sales Approval Process

The State of Michigan has released a new advisory for the sale of immature plants and an approval process:

"The administrative rules for marijuana businesses provide a pathway for cultivators – any type of grower under the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act or the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act – to transfer or sell immature plants to marijuana sales locations (provisioning centers, retailers, and microbusinesses).

*Note microbusinesses are limited to selling immature plants obtained from the microbusiness

The administrative rules also provide a pathway for marijuana sales locations to sell immature plants to customers.

This bulletin provides information regarding the relevant administrative rules and requirements that licensed cultivators and licensed sales locations need to begin the sale of immature plants."

The full advisory is located here:

Questions can be sent to the CRA’s Operations Support Section via email at
[email protected]. For more information about the CRA, please visit

Treez is providing this information to our customers, so they are aware of these immediate changes.

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