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MICHIGAN ONLY - Recording a Delivery Sale in METRC
MICHIGAN ONLY - Recording a Delivery Sale in METRC
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Michigan’s regulations and requirements in METRC are unique. Due to the details required, delivery sales are recorded manually in your METRC portal instead of via the API. The directions below walk you through how to record a delivery sale in METRC.

Step 1: Log-in to METRC and navigate to Sales > Deliveries.

Step 2: Click the Record Deliveries button.

Step 3: In the ‘Sale Date/Time’ field, record when the sale occurred. In the same section, you have the option to add the customer’s information.

Step 4: Record the delivery driver’s information:

  • Employee ID

  • Driver’s Name

  • Driver’s License #

  • Phone # for Questions

Step 5: Record the delivery vehicle information:

  • Vehicle Make

  • Vehicle Model

  • License Plate

Step 6: Record the dispatch details:

  • Estimated Departure

  • Estimated Arrival

  • Planned Route
    Note: You can use a tool (like Google Maps or another dispatch software) to generate the route, and then copy and paste it here.

  • Address (destination)

Step 7: Record the packages included in the delivery:

  • Package Label #

  • Quantity and Unit of Measure

  • Total Price (of all units sold)

Click the blue + (package) button to add more packages to the sale, if necessary.

Step 8: Click the green Record Sales Deliveries button.


NOTE: You can also record multiple deliveries at once by clicking the bottom blue + button and repeating Steps 3 - 7.

Step 9: Once delivery is completed, click Complete on the far right-hand side of the delivery's row.
Note: Don't forget this last step! Completing the delivery marks the inventory as sold in METRC and prevents inventory discrepancies between Treez and METRC.

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