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SellTreez: What is a COA and How Do I Add This?
SellTreez: What is a COA and How Do I Add This?
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What is a COA and how do I add this?


The COA (Certificate of Analysis) is a date that a product was tested and is not the same as the best-by, sell-by, or expiration date. COA’s are good for 12 months from the date of issuance.

Because COAs are good for 12 months, anything after this is considered to be expired, and the product is no longer considered lab tested. The product would then have to be retested to continue to be sold and in compliance.

COA's can be added to the Inventory Card using Documents.

Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > and search for the invoice you want to add the COA to. Click on it and then click on Documents. Upload the COA. It is now attached to the Inventory Card.

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