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How Do I Add a Role in the Latest Version of Treez?
How Do I Add a Role in the Latest Version of Treez?
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Please Note: This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.


How do I add a role in Role Management in the latest version of Treez?


Adding a new role in Role Management allows users to easily create new roles that are customized for the organization's business needs.

Please note: Prerequisites a user MUST have are the READ role permission and the CREATE Role permission which allows a user to add a new role.

  • Click the “Add User Role” button in the upper right corner of the Role Management screen.

  • Enter a friendly name for in the “Name” Field.

  • (OPTIONAL) Enter a description of this Role in the “Description” field.

  • Click the “Next” button in the bottom of the Add New Role screen.

  • Expanding each modules Permission Set using the carrot icons on the right side of each Permission Set.

  • Assign Permissions to the Role you are creating by checking the box to the right side of each individual permission you would like to add. Permissions with a green checkmark will be assigned to the role after Role Creation is completed. Permissions with an empty checkbox will NOT be assigned to the Role after Role creation is completed.

  • To go back to the User Role Info screen before saving a Role, click the “User Role Info” button in the bottom left of the Permissions screen.

  • Click “Close” in the top left of the screen at any time to close the screen and discard any changes you have made.

  • Click the “Finish”button at the bottom of the Add Role screen to save the role name, description and assigned permissions.

NOTE: When creating a role, no data is saved until a user has completed the Add User Role workflow AND clicked the “finish” button. IF the user navigates away from this page or otherwise closes it before clicking “Finish”, the new role will NOT be saved.

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