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Initiating A Remote Viewing Session
Initiating A Remote Viewing Session
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A ‘Remote Session’ allows members of the Treez Support team to access your computer remotely and troubleshoot a variety of issues on your behalf. Using an application called Teamviewer, we can expedite the troubleshooting process and get you back up and running faster.

NOTE: A remote viewing session is only currently available on Windows and MacOS based devices. iOS devices are unable to initiate a remote viewing session at this time. It is also important to note that sometimes your IT provider may also use the remote viewing utility we use and can set their version of the utility to override the version that Treez uses which may prevent Treez support from connecting to your workstation. If this is the case, you will need to reach out to your IT provider to allow Treez to connect remotely to your workstation.

Step 1: To initiate a remote viewing session, begin by opening the Treez portal in a separate browser tab so you can follow along with this article.

Step 2: If you haven’t already done so, initiate a live chat with Treez support by clicking on the orange Help widget and tapping Chat with us.

Step 3: Explain the issue you’re experiencing and let the representative know you’re requesting a remote viewing session. Many times, they may be able to resolve the issue without a remote session being necessary.

Step 4: Once a remote session has been agreed upon, click the following link to download the remote session utility in a new window:

Step 6: Once clicked, a file called TeamViewerQS.exe (Windows) or (MacOS) will begin downloading automatically. After it’s complete, click on the downloaded file to begin running the Teamviewer application.

TIP: The file should download to your default downloads location as set by your Operating System. If you are unsure where it's downloaded, you can use your Operating System's search functionality to look for it or reach out to your IT provider for additional assistance in locating the file.


Step 7: Opening the file on your computer will display a pop-up that provides you with a ‘Session code’ and ‘Name’. In the 'Name' field, enter your name. Inform the representative you are chatting with of the session code shown (Example session code format: s53-899-356) so they can connect to your workstation.


Step 8: Once the representative has started the session, you’ll receive a prompt asking you to allow Treez to control your desktop. Select Allow to give us permission to take control of your computer and begin troubleshooting the issue.



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