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TreezSupport: Placing Orders Online (For Treez Users)
TreezSupport: Placing Orders Online (For Treez Users)
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The configurations you enable determine what types of orders can be placed online—Delivery or Pick Up—and the overall experience for the customer.

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Creating a New eCommerce Account

All customers, regardless of whether they’ve been to your shop before or not, will need to create a new eCommerce account upon placing their first online order. The sign-up process will vary based on what configurations you have enabled and the type of customers you serve. Click here to view a visual walkthrough of the new account sign-up process.

To set up your eCommerce account, navigate to your online menu ([youshopname]

Step 1: Once you’ve arrived on the online menu, confirm your age to gain entry to the site.

  • Based on the age gate you’ve enabled (none, 18, or 21) will determine how old someone must be in order to view your menu.

Step 2: Add an item to the cart or tap on the ‘Address’ banner to be prompted to log into an existing account or sign up for a new account.


Step 3: Click Sign Up For An Account and proceed by entering your personal account information.

  • If your shop serves both medical and adult use, customers will be prompted to select what customer type they are. Depending on which option is selected will determine what documents are required for upload during their sign-up process.


Step 4: If enabled, customers will be prompted to read, sign, and accept your membership agreement terms.

NOTE: Customers will need to sign the document with their finger on a phone or tablet or with a cursor a desktop. They aren’t currently able to type in their name.

Step 5: If enabled, a referral source will be requested and customers can share how they heard about the shop.

Step 6: Create a 7+ character password with one (1) uppercase letter and one (1) number, and tap Next.

Step 7: Confirm your location by selecting Pick Up At or entering a delivery address (if available) and tap Submit.

  • If a customer enters an address outside of your configured delivery radius (which can be set via Configurations > Config Page > eCommerce > Display Preferences > Delivery Radius), the customer will be prompted to enter a new different address.


Step 8: Continue browsing the menu and adding items to the cart until the order is complete.

Step 9: When you’re ready, click on the cart icon to be taken to the checkout screen.

Step 10: Before completing the order, customers will be required to upload required documents for their customer type by clicking Upload Valid ID and Upload Docs Rec (if applicable).

  • Adult Use: Valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, State Identifcation card, etc.

  • Medical: A valid government-issued ID and a valid medical recommendation or state-issued medical ID card.


Step 11: To complete the order tap Checkout. Once an order has been placed, customers can track an order's progress as its being prepared by clicking on the hamburger menu (in the upper left-hand corner of the screen) > Orders > Select the order > Track order.

  • Once a customer has checked out and completed their first order, it will appear in the ‘Verification Pending’ column on the fulfillment dashboard and above the ‘Customer Queue’ in Intake.



Resetting An Account Password

Setting or resetting a customer's eCommerce password can be done via the customer profile. To reset an account password follow the instructions here.

NOTE: If a customer calls your dispensary regarding a password reset be sure to verify their identity before proceeding. It is important to verify their identity as updating their password in this way provides the caller with a password will allow them access to an eCommerce account which may contain documents linked to their Treez profile such as copies of a driver's license and/or medical documents.


Tracking An Order

Once an order has been placed, customers are able to track its progress online.

In addition to being able to see this information online, by clicking on the hamburger menu (in the upper left-hand corner of the screen) > Orders > Track Order.


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