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All About Central Catalog 2.0
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This article pertains to functionality in the Latest Version of Treez. Central Catalog 2.0 is currently in Beta.

Welcome to the Central Catalog 2.0 creation module. Create a single product with multiple variants effortlessly. Follow the steps below to get started.

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Create a New Product

Start creating a new product by clicking the green ‘Add Product in the upper right-hand corner of the Catalog Products tab. Follow the steps below:

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Parent Product Information

The parent product information will be shared across all variants.

Product Category Selection:

  • The category you choose determines required fields, attributes, and variant options.

  • UoM display varies based on your category and subcategory selection.

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Adding Variants

Product variants are separate versions of the same centrally managed product. They share the same basic details but have different sizes and/or prices. Example: Friendly Farms Blue Dream 1g and 3.5g

At least one variant is required to activate the product.

  • Enter variant size and click ‘+ Add Variant’ to create a new variant.

  • The variant will populate below, and you can complete any other required and optional fields.

  • You can enter an external ID to track identifiers from other third-party systems, like ERPs.

  • The Hide from menu toggle will prevent the item from showing on eCommerce.

  • If you enter a menu title or description on the variant, it will override the Global Name and Description which it uses by default.

Add Samples & Promos

  • Check the “Add a sample/promo for this variant” checkbox to create a sample or promo variant which can be priced differently from the standard variant or hidden from the menu.

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Add attributes to enrich your product data. These are shared across all variants.

  • Start typing in any of the boxes and you'll see which attributes of already been created, or you can add a new one.

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Set a Retail Price for all variants.

  • The retail price that you said in this step will be the base price.

  • For stores set to Pre-Tax, this is the price before tax. For stores set to Post-Tax, this is the price including tax.

  • Adjust store-specific pricing as needed by clicking the ‘Manage Pricing’ button or navigating to the Pricing tab from the Catalog home screen.

Image Enhancement

Manage product and variant images. Improve product images for better customer experience and SEO.

  • Add images at the global product level and variant level for product differentiation.

  • Include alt descriptions for accessibility and SEO.

Edit a Product

From the Catalog home screen, click the hamburger menu on the row of the product you'd like to edit.

  • Click Edit product.

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Preview a Product

Click on the Product’s name to preview the product details.

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Editing Pricing from the Pricing Page

You can edit pricing by going through the edit flow and navigating to the pricing step, but you can also skip directly to pricing edits on the Pricing page.

Navigate to the pricing tab from the Catalog home screen.

  • Click on Find Product and enter the product you'd like to adjust pricing for in the search bar.

  • Click ‘Select’ on the appropriate product.

  • Hover over the size that you'd like to edit and click the pencil icon.

  • Enter the new price.

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