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New Fields for Infused Flower and Preroll
New Fields for Infused Flower and Preroll
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Action Required: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Mississippi in upcoming Release 55.1.10

The ‘Infused’ subtype is now supported for both Flower and Preroll products.

Under the ‘Infused’ subtype, new product fields are required for the states that need to take action:

  1. ‘Total Flower Weight (g)’

  2. ‘Total Concentrate Weight (g)’

Existing infused preroll products will be affected in the following ways:

  • Any changes to the product card information will not save until the required fields are updated.

  • Receiving infused preroll inventory on a purchasing invoice will be blocked until the required fields are updated.

If the separate flower weight and concentrate weight is not known, ‘0’ is an acceptable value in either field but this should be confirmed and updated as soon as possible to ensure compliance once purchase limit updates are available.

EPM supports similar infused product card updates except the ‘Total Flower Weight’ and ‘Total Concentrate Weight’ is not required in the EPM product card. The requirement will be enforced at the Sell Treez store level as noted above.

All existing infused preroll products should be updated during this time to prepare for upcoming purchase limit updates on the infused products. Infused flower products can also be updated to the new subtype. In the interim, purchase limits will be calculated as usual based on pre-existing required fields like ‘Amount’ or ‘Total Mg THC’. Additional information will be provided soon on the timeline to update purchase limits based on the new infused requirements.

Follow this process:

  1. Navigate to Product > Product Management

  2. Filter and search this list for all infused flower and preroll products

  3. Select the product to edit

  4. Enter ‘Total Flower Weight (g)’ and ‘Total Concentrate Weight (g)’

  5. Use the Product Managment CSV export to review any gaps

Please Note: These fields are optional for states like Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois until further notice on the purchase limit updates that will align with the track and trace system requirements.

Example: Infused Flower Product Fields

Example: Infused Preroll Product Fields

Example: Receiving invoice error if infused preroll is missing required fields:

If an error message occurs navigate to the product card and fill in the required fields.

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