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SellTreez Product Update 59.0.0
SellTreez Product Update 59.0.0
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Retail > POS >Checkout > Print Receipt Page

  • Feature enhancement that adds tip amount to "Tender" amount on print receipt page IF tip present on an integrated payment (only).

Retail > POS > Checkout

  • Ability to allow a Cashless ATM machine to calculate the cashback calculation and to render the amounts derived from the machine in Treez.

Retail > POS

  • When applying manual discounts at the point of sale, the cashier discount buttons are now alphabetized so that you can find them easier.

Retail > Fulfillment (CA METRC Delivery Enabled Only)

  • Delivery Groups in 'Out for Delivery' status now show a badge indicating how many uncompleted orders remain in the delivery group. Example: 'Remaining Orders (3/5)' indicates there are 2 completed orders in the group and 3 left to complete.

  • Delivery Groups in in 'Packed & Ready' will show a badge indicating the total orders in the delivery group. Example: 'Total Orders (5)' indicates there are 5 orders within the delivery group.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Improved error handling and added enhanced logging to reduce peak load and ensure a seamless re-login process.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

  • Updated the Reserved and P&R tickets pop-up to include only the tickets relevant to those respective statuses.

MS Purchase Limits

  • Updates made to the Purchase Allotment dialog box. When adding a Customer to the queue or adding a Customer to a SellTreez ticket, purchase allotment will now default to 0.000 when METRC is offline and added improved copy for clarity on what to enter for patient's purchase allotments.

  • Updates made to Purchase Limit box in SellTreez. Purchase limits will now be shown in Ounces instead of MMCEUs to better align with METRC, which tracks purchase allotments in Ounces. Purchase limits will only show a single tracking bar which will represent the Patient's current available allotment, taking into account both the 30-day limit and the 7-day limit, displaying whichever is the lesser amount.

Configurations > Config Page > Integration > Webhooks

  • Failing webhook URLs will be automatically disabled until a successful 'Test' is verified in the Config Page for the same webhook.


TreezPay & SellTreez Reports

  • Fix to address an issue that caused a pay reporting discrepancy IF original payment failed, and user updated the cart (remove / add product) and resubmitted integrated payment (on same ticket).

Customer > Customer Management

  • Resolved issues scanning some IDs, including Colorado and Kansas IDs, where ID#, expiration date, and date of birth did not populate.

SellTreez > Purchasing > Import From Metrc/Biotrack

  • Resolved an issue where the Product Type filter failed to return results when a Product Type containing parentheses was selected. Filter now will return results, if applicable.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • The Invoice ID # and Accepted Date for any inventory created from the 'Pack' feature will display the correct data instead of 'N/A'.

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