SellTreez Product Update 34.0.0
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  • Configuration > Config Tool >
    Added new feature flag to allow internal stakeholders to configure what the client interprets as an ounce. Used for purchase limits in SellTreez.


Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Improved error messaging when a user enters a negative cost on an invoice.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustments

  • Updated the adjustment reasons to align with Metrc.

Customer > Customer Management

  • Users will now see an error message if document uploads fail.

Product > Product Management

  • Added Amount and UoM fields to the product category of pills.

SellTreez > POS

  • Improved deli style workflows and enables selling inventory from the exact package scanned when selling bulk flower.

Reports > Inventory > Invoice

  • Users exporting invoice report will now see an external invoice # in their reports


Retail > eCommerce

  • Phone number validation and duplicate check upon Treez eComm signup working as expected.

Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Sell by location is working as expected.

  • Correct inventory is displayed when viewing items available in their location.

Configurations > User Management > User Group

  • Enables users with permission to view transporter management.

Compliance Management >

  • The export function is working as expected.

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