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SellTreez Product Update 29.0.0
SellTreez Product Update 29.0.0
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Customer Management > Sales Management - CO ONLY

  • New PL model to compliantly track EPC style patient limits which can be an increase in either the Flower, Concentrate, or Infused categories. EPC (Extended Plant Count) - a patient type in CO for medical patients with limits far greater than the standard medical allotments.


SellTreez > Customer Management > Check-in Management - MO ONLY

  • Decoupling the Treez static 4oz limit for MO patients and using the Metrc allotment provided by the GET patient/statuses/ endpoint to service patients with 8oz extended carry.

Retail > Cart > Check Out

  • Enhancement prompting customer not to navigate away from checkout screen while electronic payment type is processing.

Retail> POS

  • Increased speed of viewing Saved Sales.

Inventory > Purchasing > Distributors

  • Adds a CSV export to the page with Distributor details.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

  • Adds a column to the Inventory Adjustment page so the 'Awaiting Transfer' location's held inventory is viewable in total counts.


Retail > POS

  • Aligns reward balance with prior amount post refund.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Ability to search by last 4 digits of state tracking ID has been restored.

Reports > Sales > Tax

  • Ability to export tax reports for large datasets has been restored.

Reports > Sales

  • Fees associated with payments now = "Payment Fee"

Sell Treez > Inventory Management >Create Product

  • Updating price tier threshold are now persisting.

Retail > eCommerce

  • Customers can no longer create 0 qty ticket lines.

Cash > Cash Handling

  • Allows users to transfer the entire sum of tracked accounts to the main vault, where a rounding bug was sometimes requiring $0.01 to remain in the tracked account.

Retail > POS > Recent Receipts

  • Searching recent receipts on large data sets is working as expected.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Purchasing: '+' button allows users to add items to invoices but then is disabled once an invoice has been accepted. or

Retail > Fulfillment > Filter > Rev Source

  • Proper filtering of Rev Source in Fulfillment when using punctuation is working as expected.

Product > Product Management

  • Fixed an issue that caused a duplicate entry to display on the Product History Log.

Compliance Management > Metrc Control > True Up

  • Changing the expected error message for packages still active in a facility. Previously showing incorrect/generic trace treez error message.

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