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SellTreez Product Update 57.2.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago
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Please Note: These enhancements are for Latest Version of Treez and are currently in Beta.



Retail > ST POS > Checkout

  • Ability to cancel out of a payment that is currently in progress in ST POS > Checkout in the payment screen IF the device is not actively processing the payment, any time before the pin screen.

Configurations >Config Page > Receipt Configs > Enable Fees and Tips &

Retail > ST POS > Checkout (or cart) > Print Receipt

  • Ability to configure and view Ella Cash ATM fees and tips on the Treez receipt

Please Note: Payment device configurations have moved to new Treezpay portal.

Hiding configuration inputs in payment type settings and hardware location that have moved to the new TreezPay Portal.

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Updated Config Page > Hardware > {Payment type} dropdown UI/UX

  • Removed inputs for inserting device credentials and replaced with new dropdown for payment device selection.

  • With mso-pay-gateway FF enabled, the ability to select a device under a hardware location's payment types (card only) and persist that selection through the UI. This functionality associates a payment device with a hardware location making the device accessible to perform payment on checkout.

Config page > Hardware > Payment Type Dropdown > Payment Devices Dropdown

  • Ability to create and view payment devices for a default provider in the new Treezpay portal

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Retail > ST POS > Checkout

Please Note: New payment status modal if the response returned by payment provider is NOT approved and is only present with the mso-pay-gateway feature flag enabled.

  • If processor status returns a NOT approved message, modal will surface with three options: cancel, verify sale, retry payment.

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