SellTreez Product Update 32.0.0
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Inventory > Transfers Metrc Only

  • Open and Done Transfers can now be manually rejected in Treez.

  • New option to print labels directly from an Open or Done Transfer.

Reports > Product Summary and Reports > Product Log

  • Enhancement allowing customer to display or hide payment and delivery fees from both the product summary and log report.


Retail > Cart > Checkout

  • Enhancement prompting budtender not to navigate away from checkout screen while electronic payment type is processing.

  • UI enhancement to add back the reward amount to the balance on the checkout screen in the event rewards can't be applied.

Inventory > Inventory Control > Import from Metrc

  • Package tag assignment is working as expected.

Customer > Customer Management

  • Physician address can be saved.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment

  • Filtering by all packages if there is a significant number of batches (1k+) is working as expected.

Retail > Sell Treez POS

  • Customer labels are printing as expected.

Product > Product Management

  • New CBD products are saving as expected.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Resolved a display issue with the total inventory count per location.

Cash > Cash Handling > Vendor Debt

  • The CSV export will now include all outstanding debt instead of only the data currently loaded in the UI.

  • Printing the Vendor Debt page will now include all invoices with an outstanding balance.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the filter to only apply to invoices on the first page.

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