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SellTreez Product Update 26.0.0
SellTreez Product Update 26.0.0
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Reports > Sales > Product Summary

  • Updated the calculation of Avg Product Margin from (Sum of Avg Product Margins / Qty) to (Gross Income / Net Sales)

Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Added a filter in Inventory Control to hide or unhide out-of-stock batches in search results. The toggle default is set to hide out of stock and if disabled, will only show out of stock when searching by package ID.


Reports > Inventory > Log

  • Inventory Log CSV export is downloading as expected.


  • Automatic delivery fees are working as expected.


  • Performance enhancement to Treezpay services.

  • Fix to address potential configuration issue for existing Nexgo users switching to the integrated flow.

  • Fix to reduce potential communication errors between debit terminals and Treez POS.

  • Fix addressing error returned when utilizing integrated payments options with fees.

Retail > POS

  • Bulk quantities of inventory being added to the POS are working as expected.

Retail > Fulfillment

  • Tickets in P&R status and moved to Completed are working as expected.

Configurations > Advance Configuration > Merge 2 profiles

  • Resolved an issue that caused the customer merge to fail if one of the customers is in a caregiver group.

Configurations > Config Page > Label (new)

  • Resolves an issue on the new label maker where the dynamic field 'Amount + UoM' did not print.

Cash > POS Ticket Adjustment

  • Correct data returned when searching for a ticket is working as expected

Inventory Management > Product Management > Catalog Management

  • Resolved an issue with tier pricing changing to flat pricing when linking a product to a BrandTreez product.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Saving invoice line details is working as expected.

Inventory > Purchasing > Distributors

  • Resolves an issue when creating a distributor license where the Save button was cut off on smaller screens.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Inventory barcodes manually added to an invoice now display as expected.

Inventory Management > Inventory Control > Inventory Adjustments

  • Adjustments, specifically destroy and other Metrc actions, are reporting correctly to Metrc.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Lab Testing Facility and Lab Testing Date when entered for the first time in the inventory card are working as expected.

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