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SellTreez Product Update 21.0.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago



Configuration > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types

  • Enhancement allowing for payment types to be adjusted.



Retail > SellTreez POS

  • Bulk quantities of inventory can now be added to the POS.

  • Updated California Tax Rates for Jan 2022.

  • iOS app is working as expected.

Customer > Customer Management

  • Switching between customer types (EX: Medical / Adult / Medical) now works as expected.

Cash > Cash Handling > Daily Totals

  • The date picker is no longer cut off on the daily totals page.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control

  • Package Label search working as expected.

  • Resolved an issue where inventory was allowed to be assigned to a deactivated product.

  • Resolved an issue when reassigning a Metrc package that's been sold out to the same product results in invoice line units and cost being set to 0.

Reports > Sales

  • Automatic delivery fees are working as expected.

Retail > eCommerce

New Users who place online orders can log into Treez eCommerce as expected.

Product Management > Create new product

  • Product category list is displaying as expected.

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