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Upcoming Enhancements to Retail Analytics Dashboards
Upcoming Enhancements to Retail Analytics Dashboards
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We are excited to announce that on Thursday morning, June 20 we will complete the process to upgrade the rest of Retail Analytics to Near-Real Time data. This transition aims to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of the data available to you in Retail Analytics.

Dashboards Being Updated

The following dashboards will be updated to a new data source, providing more frequent data updates throughout the day:

  • Discount Analysis

  • Invoices

  • Product Sales and Inventory

  • Discount Planning

  • Accounting Overview

What to Expect

  1. No Downtime: The upgrade will be seamless, with no expected downtime.

  2. User Experience: There will be no significant changes to the user experience for most dashboards. However, the Discount Analysis dashboard will feature a refreshed layout.

  3. Vendor Credit Report: The Vendor Credit Report previously found in the Discount Analysis dashboard will now be available in its own dedicated dashboard.

  4. Additional Data Points: Various dashboards now contain additional data points to provide a fuller picture. As such, some exports will change to include this additional data.

Discount Analysis Dashboard Highlights

The updated Discount Analysis dashboard will include:

  • Enhanced Date Filtering: More flexible and precise date selection options.

  • Intuitive Discount Comparison: Easier comparison of discount performance and trends for entire transactions containing specific discounts.

Documentation Updates

In line with these changes, we will be updating the corresponding Help Center articles and the glossary to reflect the new features and functionalities of the dashboards.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance your experience with the Retail Analytics product. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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