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Important Swifter Updates
Written by Treez Support
Updated over a week ago

Treez will be sunsetting the Swifter ACH product by 9/30/24. As a result, the last day you will be able to process ACH transactions via Swifter will be 7/31/24. We will be working with you to identify and transition you to an alternative solution as soon as possible. More details on the wind-down process and important deadlines are below.

Note: Treez will also be posting important updates to this support document as they arise.

We’ve been focusing on providing the best cashless payment experience in the industry to meet your needs as a retailer and the needs of your customers. We’ve built new critical products like the TreezPay One App, the TreezPay Portal and the TreezPay Gateway to ensure maximum payment solution redundancy and visibility into the impact of payments on your business. We will continue to double down in these areas to provide the best possible experience for you and your customers.

In order to do so, we need to allocate as many internal resources as possible towards continuing to provide as many cashless payment solutions along with the best-in-class customer experience you're familiar with today. Thus, we've decided to put a pause on our own Swifter ACH product.

We still firmly believe in ACH as a viable payment product and have solidified strong integrations with our external ACH partners. We appreciate your partnership and will be working closely with you to onboard you onto an alternative integrated partner ACH solution at this time.

As a next step, please set up time with our TreezPay team via this calendar link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for you?

As of 7/31/24, you will no longer be able to process ACH transactions via Swifter. Your account will close on 9/30. We recommend you begin immediately onboarding onto an alternative integrated partner ACH solution which you can coordinate directly with Treez.

How do I know which solution to choose?

Our TreezPay team will walk you through the solutions that are available to you and help guide you to make the best decision for your business.

Can I use a different solution other than provided via Treez?

Yes, you can though we recommend using an integrated solution so you can maximize your reporting visibility and ensure the best experience for your customers.

What happens to all of my data? Does it transfer over to the new solution?

All of your historical Swifter ACH data will remain in tact and still be accessible and exportable through your Treez payment reports

What happens to outstanding funds from ACH payments?

We will ensure you are paid any unsettled funds and hold balances prior to closing the account. An attempt will also be made to collect any outstanding rejected payments within regulatory limits.

Do I have to apply all over again?

If you have completed the TreezPay One App, then no you do not have to apply all over again. If you have not, we recommend completing the TreezPay One App that can be used for approval and access to all payment solutions now and in the future.

As we begin to wind down the Swifter ACH product, we will be regularly providing updates at the support link here.

We once again thank you for your continued partnership and are always here if you have any questions.

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