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Error Control - BioTrack Error Glossary
Error Control - BioTrack Error Glossary

Find out what the BioTrack errors in Compliance - Error Control mean

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When there is a problem sending a sale to BioTrack, users can view exactly what the error response from BioTrack was by visiting the Error Control page in the Compliance Module. In this article, users can learn more about common errors show in Error Control and what they mean.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of errors. More errors and their definitions will be added.



How to Prevent

You have exceeded the adult use state limits : Flower => 30.5004496402878, Edible => 0, concentrate => 0.1662

This means that BioTrack has determined that this sale has exceeded the Adult Use purchase allotment. The error tells you the total purchase limit calculation for each of the purchase limit categories.

Its important the ensure that the Treez product subtype reflects the equivalent BioTrack subtype. Mostly commonly there is a mismatch on infused products with BioTrack having the infused product listed as a flower product and the Treez product being set to an infused products. When an infused product in improperly categorized in BioTrack, its best to contact your distributor or BioTrack support to learn how to to correct this. Until it is corrected, Treez will apply the purchase limit based on the Treez subtype and BioTrack will apply the purchase limit to based on the BioTrack subtype.

The barcode 1234567812345678 for item 1 does not have sufficient quantity available: 0.

This means that there was not sufficient quantity of the listed barcode in BioTrack to process this sale.

Ensure that any adjustments you make to inventory quantities are done in both BioTrack and Treez to keep the inventory level in sync. Sales will automatically report to BioTrack and decrement both the Treez and BioTrack inventory.

Please specify at least one card identifier.

This means that a customer attached to the sale was listed as a Medical patient but the State medical card ID was not entered which will prevent BioTrack from recording the medical sale.

Ensure that all customer created as Customer Type "Medical" in Customer Management have the appropriate and accurate State Medical Card ID (also know as Patient License Number) entered in their profile.

The card you entered could not be found: QP6xxxxxxx.

This means that the State Medical Card ID (also known as Patient License Number) entered in the customers profile was not valid.

Ensure that the State Medical Card ID (also known as Patient License Number) entered in the customers profile is accurate.

The specified barcode 1234567812345678 is a vendor sample and cannot be sold.

This means the barcode is marked as a Vendor Sample in BioTrack and cannot be sold.

Ensure that you work with BioTrack and the State to address any vendor samples in your inventory appropriately. In the Illinois market, vendor samples cannot be sold.



This means there was a transient communication error when attempting to report this sale to the provider.

This error cannot be prevented, is uncommon and resolved with a simple retry of the sale.

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