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Integrated Credit Troubleshooting Tips
Integrated Credit Troubleshooting Tips
Written by Treez Admin
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Below, please find some of the common errors that may appear, and instructions on how to solve.

Error: Reading entity from input stream

Cause: DW Register was not performed

Fix: Run a DW Register on the terminal

DW Register

1.Click on three stacked lines on the home screen


3.Credit/Debit App

4.Host Utility

5.Scroll down until they see FDO Features, and select

6.Data Wire

7.DW Register (click DW Register, this will refresh the screen and flashback to the same screen).

8.Go back to main screen and process a test transaction

Error: Register not found

Cause: Keys are entered incorrectly; either the Register Id or Auth Code is incorrect.

Fix: Double check that keys are entered correctly (Case sensitive). Reach out to Partner and confirm the keys are correct.

Error: When clicking “Accept” button on the Payment Summary pop-up, the button grays out and nothing happens.

Cause: Missing payment fee in the database

Error: Charge Integrated Payment button grayed out, Pinpad unavailable

Cause: Duplicate in their database field: crm_payment_provider_device

Fix: First, make sure that the correct hardware location “print widow” is selected and that the device is testing “Online”.


FROM dispensary.crm_payment_provider_device

WHERE location_id = (SELECT id FROM dispensary.crm_location WHERE name = 'POS9');

Delete if a duplicate is found

If both of these are true submit a support ticket asking support to check and remove any duplicate database fields.

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