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Tipping with ACH
Written by Treez Admin
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To enable tipping you will need to open a request with [email protected]

Configuration Options to consider:

  • Do you want tipping to be active for all of your locations?

  • Would you like the preconfigured options to be based on fixed dollar amounts or percentages?

  • What 3 preconfigured options would you like customers to see in addition to a “Custom Amount” option (always available), and the option not to tip (the default).

What does Stronghold recommend?

Based on our experience across all customers we recommend:

  • [No Selection = no tip]

  • 5%, 10%, 15%

  • Custom %.

Note: Corresponding dollar total will be shown below the percent.

We recognize that each dispensary is different so please use your best judgement and consider the following while making your decision:

  • What is the average or range of percentage that your customers currently tip on cash orders when they do tip?

  • Are your customers more comfortable with % or $ amounts?

Open a request with [email protected]

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