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Standard SOPs for Card Payments
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To prevent some of the common frustrations that can occur using card payment, Treez recommends the following SOPs. We have also provided the most common types of messages when a transaction does not go according to plan.

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Common Transaction Messages:

There are many types of messages that can occur when using card payments. It is important to note that the cardholder's bank determines what message is sent. Below are the most common. The main thing to remember when using these alternatives to cash is patience. Millions of transactions are happening every day along the same rails all at the same time and sometimes there can be small hitches.

Differences between approved, canceled and declined transactions:

  • An Approved transaction means the sale was approved and the transaction is complete.

  • A Canceled transaction can mean multiple things:

    • A customer has canceled the transaction

    • A budtender has had to cancel the transaction

    • The transaction has timed out or been aborted

    • An error has occurred due to the service being busy

    • Wrong PIN number was used

    • No such Issuer - Card is coming from an unsupported bank

  • A Declined transaction means the financial institution has declined to approve for:

    • Insufficient funds

    • Wrong PIN number

    • No such Issuer - Card is coming from an unsupported bank

    • Bank cannot process transaction

Please Note: There are times that both a canceled and declined transaction can return the same message. Usually this has to do with the card coming from an unsupported bank or the transaction timing out.

Standard SOPs for Card Payments:

Below are best practices for mitigating any issues that may occur using card payments:

  • Don’t click the “Checkout” button until a customer has their card out and ready to scan Note: It is best to inform the customer that this is necessary as terminals time out for security purposes usually within 120 seconds.

  • Click the “Payment Type” to initiate a transaction.

  • Have the customer swipe their card as not all networks support "tap" so there is a higher failure rate.

  • Be patient! If the transaction is taking too long, you can always save it and go back to it later.

  • Be aware that some local Credit Unions may not work with your terminals.

  • Do not spam the “Verify Sale” button

  • Do not click the “Verify Sale” button if a transaction is declined

  • If transaction returns Canceled response, click ‘Verify Sale’ prior to running a second integrated debit transaction

  • Be patient and allow the transaction to complete its cycle


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