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Retail Analytics - Customer Insight Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Customer Insight Dashboard
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The Customer Insight Dashboard allows you to view customer demographic & patterns as it pertains to your store’s sales. The Demographic section shows KPI metrics broken into gender and age groups. You can select a group to filter the dashboards trendlines and analyze that groups preferred brands, product type, purchasing source (in store, online order through different platforms), order channel (in store, pickup, delivery, express) and more.

Customer referral sources are collected from:

  • Membership Agreement

    • You can opt to make Customer Source a required field in Customer Management

  • Treez eCommerce

  • Original customer imports during onboarding

  • Some eCommerce integrators also collect this datapoint and send the information when creating customers

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > Retail Analytics > Sales > Customer Insight

Choose your view using the dropdown menus on the Controls portion of the dashboard.

Heatmap Analysis

Select a metric to view demographic breakout. Then select a group to further analyze their purchasing preferences.

  • The Trend Line graphs will automatically adjust based on your selection of the KPI metric chosen for the heatmap, as well as the filters you applied in the Controls panel, such as Store, Date, Customer Type.

  • The Product Type donut chart allows you to drill down to the product subtype level by hovering your cursor near the top right corner of this visual for the menu to appear and clicking the downward arrow.

Location Analysis

Filter your geographical map to view where your first time, repeat, or all customers are located.

Please Note: Data is based on customer purchases and does not currently include customer visits without purchases.

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