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Illinois Tax Rates by Cannabis Type
Illinois Tax Rates by Cannabis Type
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Please speak with your individual tax or accounting resource to confirm entered tax rates prior to transacting on Treez.

As an Illinois operator, your tax rates are dependent upon your physical address. Please visit and Click on the ‘Tax Rate Finder’ link under ‘Searches’ towards the middle of your screen nearing the lower half of the webpage.

From here, enter your address to find the applicable tax rates, both cannabis and non-cannabis.

Once you pinpoint all of your applicable tax rates, you will enter them in your Treez Configurations area. Navigate to Configurations >Cofig Page > Taxes > Custom Tax

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Create your Custom Tax options.

Please Note: With the release of 61.0.0, IL operators will be able to tax by subtype. They can reassign infused flower and preroll products under the proper category instead of 'Misc.' and update their excise tax settings to the apply to the infused subtypes accordingly.

In addition to your local tax rates, you will also be creating cannabis taxes in Treez to reflect IL Excise rules.

Add the following Custom Tax options under the Custom Tax section:

  • IL Excise (INFUSED)

  • IL Excise (THC <35%)

  • IL Excise (THC >35%)


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Once these Custom Tax options are created, please enter Custom Tax options for any other tax rates applicable to your area.

Next, refresh your page and move up to the ‘Point of Sale Tax Setup’ section, located just above the Custom Tax area you are currently in and click on the ‘Adult Use’ tab at the top. Click on the green ‘Edit’ button. Next, click, ‘Add Tax.’ Select the Tax Labels you created below.


PLEASE NOTE: The following Tax Rates apply to the Product Types listed below:

  • IL Excise (INFUSED) will apply to Beverage, Pill, Tincture, Edible, Topical

  • IL Excise (THC <35%) will apply to Cartridge, Extract, Misc.

  • IL Excise (THC >35%) will apply to Preroll, Flower

You will need to add the additional taxes to this area that are found on the State website listed above.

Here is an example of what your taxes could look like (though, this is dependent upon your physical address:

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